What goes on in the mind of a “haole” from the (U.S.) “Deep South” who hears the “call of the Islands” but has no idea how he’s going to make his dream come true?  Here’s your chance to experience the thoughts, emotions, hopes and transformation of a Mainland visitor into a Hawaiian!  Join us on the “Journey to Kona!”

Father James Bohlman

We follow the thoughts of Father James, a Russian Orthodox priest heading a thriving church congregation in the farmlands of southern Georgia, just north of Savannah.  He delved into spirituality, being human, creating artwork and discovering himself for 23 years in a unique Orthodox monastery known for raising German Shepherd dogs.  Eleven years ago he left the monastery on the next leg of his journey which led him to Georgia.  In 2004 he reluctantly joined his family members on a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and has never been the same since!

As you get to know Father James over time, don’t hesitate to contact him by writing a comment in the box below, emailing him directly at, or writing him at the following address:

Father James Bohlman
Saint Mary Magdalene Orthodox Mission
1625 Fort Howard Road
Rincon, Georgia 31326

“Journey to Kona” (click HERE to read daily posts)

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  2. Deborah Badwi says:

    On my first trip to hawaii June 2004, I was alone but so excited. When my feet touched the ground ate arriving, I was able to settle into the continental surf hotel at that time in the Centre of waikiki. I was way up high n could see the colors of the ocean n was instantly drawn. I took a deep breath n inhaled deeply thinking, thank you Lord GOD for allowing me this precious gift of Aloha. I later explained to a local female whom worked at first hawaiian bank – my bank, when I was able to touch the ground at the airport, I felt the rhythm of the island as if the island had chosen me n connected to me via umbilical cord. I felt a peaceful slowing of my breathing n heart rate literally and remember driving down H1 n thinking I’m driving too fast it seemed but when I looked at my speedometer, it read 40 mph. I smiled thinking its so rhythmic n amazing when you listen carefully. I felt the islands had attached their heartbeat to mine by umbilical cord and felt like I belonged in this magical land of rainbows and Aloha. I’m so thankful I had 11 yrs there work ng as a nurse n getting to know the beauty of the locals. Mahalo nui loa to the island first and to the people for allowing me this spiritual journey that will be forever embedded in my soul n spirit.

    • Yes, Hawaii calls to the heart and you can’t help but to respond.
      Glad to know that someone had a “Hawaii” experience similar to mine!
      Thanks for taking the time to write !
      Kahu Kimo

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