The Journey Thus Far

I see now that at the heart of my spiritual journey has been the desire to learn how to be, to learn how to live in the present, and to be present.  And in doing so, I have discovered that the contact with the Divine for which we all yearn is not “up” or “out there” but right here.  When we are consciously “present to the present” we discover the Divine at every turn.  In learning to pay attention to the present, in learning to listen, we begin to hear what the Divine has to say about life, about what is needed, and about ourselves.

So far as I can see, the next road that I will take on this journey will be my move to the Big Island in June of 2019.  And the question is: “Why?  Why Hawaiʻi?  Why the Big Island?”  In Hawaiʻi I have discovered an entire culture which, like a monastery, has spiritual values at its center which have formed its customs and mindset.  My move to the Big Island is so that I might be of some minor help to our missions there in Kona, St. Juvenaly Mission and in Hilo, Holy Ascension Church.

And, strangely enough, I view moving to Hawaiʻi as entering my third monastery, the monastery of Hawaiʻi, and embracing its disciplines and customs with the hope of allowing them to help me grow further even while I try to be of help to others.  It is my fervent prayer that the fruit of my spiritual journey will ripen in Hawaiʻi’s spiritual soil.

Kahu Kimo

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6 Responses to The Journey Thus Far

  1. I agree, being in tune with ourselves and the present is important. By doing so, we are able to help ourselves and others to our full potential.

    • Thank-you! The “energy” of your words speaks volumes! You’ll enjoy the forthcoming posts about the intense spirituality I’ve discovered permeates the Hawaiian culture!
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

  2. Skip says:

    Quite an eye opening on living and the spirit within us.

  3. Deborah Andrews says:

    I am trying hard with my youngest son to learn to be present, because he would rather use his imagination playing with inanimate objects or play video games than go outside and experience what I call “real life”. Sometimes I wonder if I am thinking correctly about where real life is located. Is real life what goes on outside of you or inside of you? Or could it be both? Any help with thinking about this and dealing with this dilemma would be appreciated. I just don’t want my son to waste his time in meaningless pursuits.

    • Given his age, some fantasy-playing is appropriate. But he does need to get outside into the real world. Some parents limit how much video time their kid can have each day; after that – outside! Yes, real life is both inside and outside, and the skill comes in combining them both in a healthy way.
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

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