Breathing Deeply

Twenty years ago I began work on a series entitled “Airscapes” as an attempt to portray atmosphere.  The Artist’s Magazine even did an article on the paintings and the technique for producing them (October 1996, pages 59-62).  Artist Magazine October 1996 smallThe portrayal of atmosphere then and now is for me the attempt to physically capture and express Spirituality.  For many people the term spirituality is synonymous with feelings and yes there is an element of that in it.  But when it comes to Spirituality the emphasis upon feelings is not really to the point.  Spirituality is the foundation of how we live and as a result who we are.  Spirituality is what gives birth to our values.  It is what gives birth to Us!  The moment when we are born we breathe in our first , our first breath.  When we die we exhale our final , giving the breath of Life back to the world.  Spirituality is what happens in-between these two breaths.

Some years ago I traveled to Kauaʻi and spent two weeks on that island.  The very day that I landed I immediately drove out to Waimea Canyon.  I went up to the railing on the lookout and when I saw the Canyon the word “WHOA” was literally pulled out of me like an intense and complete exhalation!  But it was not my final exhalation, not my returning of to Hawaiʻi.  Not yet!  Strangely, even as it was an intense exhalation it felt like my first real inhalation of Hawaiʻi !  (see my Waimea Canyon photos in Kauai’s Waimea Canyon and Triangle Patterns of Kauai’s Waimea Canyon.)

So the current expression of the Airscapes Series “Kona Airscapes (smaller)” is for me an exploration of my delving into the spirituality of the culture of Hawaiʻi.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGECLICK FOR LARGER IMAGECLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIt is my hope that my final given back to the world will occur in Hawaiʻi and that it will be a loaded with depths of understanding about my long journey!  It has taken a totally unexpected winding path through Monasticism, the Orthodox Christian Priesthood and as of June 2019 (or sooner!) through finally living in Hawaiʻi !  In the meantime my current mantra is Breathe deeply, breathe often!

Kahu Kimo


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