Hope That Sings!

Words have meanings, and inflection gives nuance to the meanings of the words.  For example, if I say “I am fine”, I might be implying that you are not.  But if I say “I am fine”, I might be warning you to back off and not ask me that damned question again!

CLICK FOR LARGERMusic, however, gives words a dimension far beyond inflection.  Sung words… in my opinion… convey a spiritual dimension that transcends the confines of a word’s own meanings.  I have always loved singing and have a decent voice.  In the monastery I was assigned each year the role of singing a complicated canon with one of the nuns; one that took us around twenty minutes to complete!  And even today here in Rincon, Georgia, the singing continues!

I love the music and voices of Keali’i Reichel, Sean Na’auao, Willie K, Hapa, Ekolu, and… of course, it being almost obligatory to like if one loves things HawaiianIz.  I live at the back of the church’s property with our closest neighbors two football fields away at the front of the property.  Every so often I will treat myself to an afternoon of cooking, bourbon, and cranking the music up, wailing along with my Hawaiian boys while I sizzle, sear, bake and baste!


It is easier to stay the same than to change!  On the other hand, no matter how much we change we are still ourselves.  So even though my move to Hawaiʻi will require a change not only in residence, not only in state, but in continent as well, one of my hopes for myself in Hawaiʻi is that I might be able to sing with others every now and then, enabling my Hawaiian heart to express what my haole words alone cannot!

A hui hou kakou!

Kahu Kimo


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