Pierogies and Kuleana

My Poured Paintings as well as my current series of artwork, the Kona Airscapes, employ a wet-in-wet technique which allows for a lot of fluidity and the happenstance of chance.  It is a technique which demands intense focusing on the moment, on what is happening and knowing how to stop or capture the liquid movement so that it can dry in place! [Ed.note: see the outstanding newest Hilo Airscapes! ]


(Russian Festival, Rincon, GA – click for larger)

The current reality that I am focused on is my parish’s 4th Annual Russian Festival, which will occur this coming Saturday, October 22nd.  For the past 7 Saturdays, 8 hours each day, we have made hundreds of dozens of pierogies by hand, over 400 pieroshki (sort of like meat filled turnovers), over 600 cabbage rolls, cookies, and more!  This coming Thursday we will gather again to make the 3 salads that we will offer, as well as borscht and another soup.  On Friday many are taking off from work in order to spend the day here putting up our many tents, laying out the parking, putting up the flags.  Everyone will be back the next morning around 8am, and at 11am the Festival will officially begin!

So what does all of this have to do with a blog about Hawaiʻi?  I note it all here by way of talking about where I am at this moment.  The difficulty for me, with my personality, is that what I like, I love and want to consume, and what I love is Hawaiʻi.  So the spiritual and psychological discipline for me is to remain rooted in and focused on the present, even while gazing towards Hawaiʻi !!


(click larger)

So the past 7 Saturdays, and this coming week are all about kuleana, about being focused upon responsibility, the embrace of which roots me in the present.  The fact is that if I do not exercise the discipline of living fully in each day wherever I am, then when I finally get to Hawaiʻi I will not know how to fully live my Hawaiian days!

Kahu Kimo

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