Future Questions

As I think about my move to Hawaiʻi in 2019, there are all sorts of questions that occur to me about the move.  Will I qualify to get into the Lōkahi Apartments in Kailua-Kona or will I have to look elsewhere for housing?  Where will I do my food shopping?  What bank should I choose for setting up my checking account?  What will I do about removing my shoes when going into homes?  That last question is a more significant one than might first appear!

I have been to Hawaiʻi five times thus far for a total of ten weeks… and have never even walked in Hawaiian waters… there is a reason for that!  My left leg is actually one inch shorter than my right!  When I was younger that difference made no difference but as I am aging that one inch has come to mean the difference between normal walking and a crippling pain that can prevent me from walking!

In my left shoe I use a one inch insert which levels out my hips.  If I walk without that lift even for one evening, the pain that results in the right hip is severe enough to interfere with walking.  So, because of needing that lift I have not yet even put my bare feet into Hawaiian waters nor walked along the beach barefoot!  My real question in regard to when I live there is “What will I do about removing my shoes when going into people’s homes?”(as is the local custom).  Do I carry a pair of “indoor” shoes with me with the insert in them and explain?  Do I just go without the shoes indoors and try to not walk about much?  Do I crawl indoors?

The answer will come, I am sure but      it is amazing what trivial questions can seem to grow into importance!  No matter, I will be in Hawaiʻi and it will all work out somehow, as I am sure Hawaiʻi will bring me the answer that I seek…          so long as I seek.

Kahu Kimo


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