Please BUY A Ticket!

Fred’s life was falling apart. As a last resort he goes into a church and begs, “Lord, I’m not very religious and I don’t come here often but I really need your help.  There’s a lottery next Wednesday for 40 million dollars. Lord, let me win that lottery so I can make everything better.” THREE such lotteries come and go without Fred winning so he heads back to church with a vengeance!  “Listen you!” he starts, but with a loud clap of thunder and lightening from above Fred hears, “Fred! It is I, the Lord!  Look, Fred, meet me halfway and… BUY… A… TICKET!”


(click POI)

So often we complain about our relationships without assessing whether or not we’re doing what that relationship requires.  So often, when people come to me for counseling the whole first half hour is a diatribe about what’s wrong with the other person!  Having dealt with relationships for so long now, I am aware that my move to Hawaiʻi is not just about a change in location but is also about me developing a relationship with Hawaiʻi, about making Hawaiʻi “my family”, my ʻOhana.


(click HULA)

When one marries into another family, it is incumbent that you make that family your own: their history, their food, their celebrations and their losses.  The same thing is true for myself in regard to Hawaiʻi.  I have come to absolutely love the hula, especially Kahiko hula, and can’t wait for my brother to send me the tapes of the yearly Merrie Monarch competition in Hilo!  I have tried poi and didn’t dislike it but also didn’t feel an affinity to it… but I will!


(click POKE)

I tried poke and managed to eat two cubes of it!  I suspect that I will come to like poi sooner than I will be able to take a liking to raw fish.  But I will tryAnd “I will try” is what a relationship requires.  A relationship is a dance in which each partner tries to unite himself to the other so that they move as one.  So I am learning about how Hawaiʻi dances, about what she eats, about her family history, about everything that I can before I even get there.  Does it sound like I’m excited?  Well, I am, and I fuel that excitement each day by buying myself another ticket to Hawaiʻi.

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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