Mistake or Make?

Like most everyone I have slowly grown into myself.  Over the years, although more so when I was younger, the quest for self-discovery has lead to some mistakes.  Having made mistakes, I then had to prove to myself and others that the mistakes were not the sum of me.  I had to prove that I mattered.


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There are various things that people do to soothe their anxious feelings, which in the long run only serves to temporarily distract us from our inner lives.  Distraction never heals.  I once heard a junkie comment, “I don’t even get high from it anymore; I do it to just maintain some kind of balance.”  Maybe that is what we all strive for; some sense of equilibrium in our inner lives.  At some point in my life I had to stop running from my mistakes and stop defining myself by my mistakes, by what I had not done right.  This meant that I had to change how I looked upon my mistakes.

I came to believe that my mistakes don’t define me as a failure.  I understand while not setting out to make it, that a mistake is actually an important lesson, a way of learning where that one step beyond the edge of the cliff is.  While I have never set out to make a mistake, viewing them in this different light has enabled me to understand them as helping me to see who I don’t want to be.  So oddly enough instead of running from myself my mistakes have helped me to choose myselfA mistake actually helps make me wiser!


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With the years, more experience and some hard-won wisdom has come a certain acceptance of myself which is not the same thing as passivity.  Instead of trying to prove to others that I matter I now know that I do matter to myselfThat realization has brought peace.  I have often heard that God can do great things with imperfect tools.  Over the years I have come to accept in a healthy way that I am just a hand trowel in the potting shed.  And that’s now okay!

 Kahuna-pule Kimo


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