Many, But One


(click FIRE)

We are drawn to fire and it has different effects upon us.  At times it energizes us and we hoot and whoop and dance around it!  At other times as we sit and gaze into it, it subdues and moves us toward being a more contemplative individual.  It is as if fire enables us to be different people!

In my work of spiritual counseling and guidance I have found that people tend to fall into one of two categories: Negative people and Positive people.  When I am speaking with someone and am picking up that their orientation seems to be generally negative, that negativity often betrays a spiritual malady.  The rest of our time together then becomes an exploration of what that malady might be.  A positive orientation, on the other hand, seems to be a manifestation of spiritual health!  Such people tend to be more cooperative with others.  I have long suspected that such a frame-of-mind allows oneself to be a receptacle for the grace and presence of the Holy Spirit, God’s .


(click RINCON)

In my life here in Rincon I also find that I am many different people all rolled into one body!  I am a monk dealing with my interior journey towards God and the exterior ways in which I travel that pilgrimage.  I am an Orthodox Priest and Pastor of a parish, providing people with liturgical services and the sacraments of the church as well as administering the complex life of the parish and its activitiesI am what our tradition calls a Spiritual Father for certain individuals, providing guidance, provoking questions, encouraging, challenging.  For other individuals I am also a friend, a brother and a son.

And since 2004 I am a potential Hawaiian, or a Hawaiian-in-the-making.  But that’s the way that life is for everyone.  I find that we are many things to many people and even to ourselves.  The work of our spiritual journey is to integrate all of the various “me’s” into one tribe which is heading towards God, and helping others along the way as they also head towards God… where the many will finally be One.


(click PARADISE!)

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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