Giving In to the Lava!


I was watching a video about the lava making its way through the Royal Gardens development and across the Chain of Craters Road on the Big Island.  Whatever vegetation the lava came into contact with burst into flames.  Ditto for houses.  But the lava moved slowly.  So slowly in fact that people were able to stand there and watch it creep towards them!


Obviously some people were upset about the whole situation, especially if it was their home being consumed!  But as a I watched the lava on the video slowly, inexorably, creeping wherever it felt impelled to, I thought about how Life is exactly like the lava: some things must just be accepted, given in to, and not resisted.  As the Borg instructed on Star Trek, “Resistance is futile!”  All I can say is, “Indeed!”



There are situations in Life which like the lava will do whatever it wants despite how you feel about it.  A partner leaves you either through death or volition.  You lose your job.  The kids grow up.  There are just some things in life that we must reconcile ourselves to, which to Westerners sounds like heresy.  Unless we are at peace with it going across the road, only we will be upset, not the lava.  And the lava will keep coming.



It does one no good to dwell upon negative or angry thoughts about someone else because such thinking primes us to react negatively towards everyone.  And that is the problem! We fuel the wrong feelings, which then betray us, turn on us, and, like the lava consume us.  There is a certain degree of “giving in” which is essential to our spiritual growth.


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Only when we learn to accept whatever must be accepted will we be freed from our interior immobility.  Once we are able to say, “So be it” and move on will we be able to see opportunities to which our losses blind us.  Lava, Life, God’s will… it’s all the same.  Once we stop insisting that any of it be the way that we want it will we finally grow up!

Kahu Kimo


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