Is Anyone On Kalākaua Listening?


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I have to say that every time I return to Waikīkī I am even more amazed and appalled by the stores on Kalākaua Avenue, those temples built for us to come and worship our desires!  I never expected to go to Hawaiʻi and find Tiffany’s, Bulgari, Ferragamo and more!  And if I as a tourist am amazed by all of this excessive opulence, what must the local residents make of it?  I am embarrassed by the greediness of heart that it all betrays.


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At some point, we awaken to what our heart desires, and those desires give our life a certain direction.  Some of what we desire we know we shouldn’t want, and so we deny owning up to what we want.  Denial seems to be at the heart of so much of our misery: denial that we actually meant what the words said, denial that we are doing what we say we aren’t doing, denial that we are in denial!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEThe problem with desires is that quite often they are our attempt to impose our wishes upon reality, despite whatever warning about danger those desires might also bring!  We take chances with Life even while Life is warning us to watch out for our foolishness.  So… people ride skateboards on handrails, fall off, and become quadriplegics for the rest of their life.  And then they ask, “Why did God do this to me?!”  There seems to be no way to keep a fool from his foolishness.  And yet Life tells us what we need to do.  Our job is to learn how to listen, to hear what is needed, and to put our ego and our feelings aside, and to cooperate with Life.  

Life… is God speaking.  I wonder if anyone on Kalākaua is listening?

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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