Patty Pie Pans



So I was sitting here remembering one evening in Waikīkī when we went to a revolving restaurant on the top of a tall building.  It didn’t twirl at a frantic pace like a merry-go-round but moved at a much more sedate speed, barely noticeable unless one looked up and saw the scenery very slowly, slowly scrolling past the windows.  Thinking about that dinner made me start to think about the issue of change, of how even when we think change is not possible that it IS!  Which, of course, lead me back to thinking about Patty Pie Pans when I lived in the monastery.

Patty was an old friend and on one of her winter visits we had a tremendous overnight blizzard, awaking to around two feet of new snow!  While I was in the kitchen making morning coffee the front doorbell rang.  Forgetting that Patty was down in the Guesthouse wondered who in the world that could be since we had not yet even plowed our mile and a half road!  So I opened the front door and there was Patty… wet hair, in her bathrobe, socks on her now circular and absolutely pod-shaped feet.  I was so stunned I just stared at her feet until Patty said, “Good!  Coffee!   I need some,” and pushed inside past me!  So here’s the story behind her strange foot attire.

Patty, who slept with her socks on since the old Guesthouse was so cold, had gotten up, put on her bathrobe and went down the hall to take a shower.  When she finished she realized that she had left her towel in her bedroom, so she threw on her bathrobe and scurried back down the hall only to find that she had locked herself out of her bedroom!  With no one in the Guesthouse to help her and no phone between the buildings she realized that she needed to come up the hill to the monastery and get me so that we could help her get back into her room.  But when she opened the front door she was confronted with two feet of fresh snow and only socks on her feet!

And here’s where the issue of change comes in, especially when you think that your circumstances can’t afford any.  Looking around her all that Patty could find were two discarded aluminum pie pans in the trashcan in the guesthouse.  So she took off her socks, put a piepan under one foot and put her sock back on over the pie-panned foot.  Ditto for the other foot.  Wrapping her robe tightly around herself she then tromped up the hill, leaving round, martian-like footsteps behind her!


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I have always remembered that incident, and of how it graphically made the point to me that change is always possible IF you really want to change.  Too often we tell ourselves that we will change when all of the circumstances are just right, when we have just the right tools and when we have nothing else to do.  Patty and her aluminum pie pans prove that when you want to get somewhere you’ll use whatever is at hand.  All it requires is for you to change your thinking.


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As I think about all I will have to tackle in order to make my move to the Big Island in June of 2019, I keep Patty Pie Pans at the forefront of my mind, reminding me that even aluminum pie pans can get you where you need to go, as long as you think about them differently and reach out to use them!

Kahu Kimo


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