Should I Say “Hā” or “Hah!” ?


(click PCC 2004)

On my first visit to Hawaiʻi in 2004 we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  “We” consisted of Mom, Dan, myself, my sister Sue and her two boys Ryan and Connor who were young although no longer babies.  We got there and received the customary lei and a guide who accompanied us for several hours taking us from exhibit to exhibit.  The boys were thrilled to get temporary Polynesian tattoos on their arms, to learn how to hula (sort of) and to hear the Tahitian drums!


(click HULA)

They loved the IMAX movie experience!  When I got out of that theater I swore to never have another IMAX experience because I had to close my eyes for most of it from getting dizzy and nauseous!  I enjoyed some of that very long day but basically found the experience irritating with the forced happiness of the workers there and having to troop from one exhibit to another!  I must confess that I am no lover of Disneyland-type parks and the PCC struck me as simply an annoying Polynesian variation of that theme!


(click CANOES)

My second visit to the PCC in 2010 consisted of Dan, Mom and myself.  Since we had already done the full-day experience back in 2004, this time we arrived in time for a relaxed dinner and then enjoyed the new evening show “HA.  On both visits I remember the food.  The food wasn’t bad but the problem is that it also wasn’t good.  I have come to discover that I seem to have the same reaction to luau food, finding it bland, excessively salty and over-cooked.  If I didn’t enjoy cooking so much perhaps I wouldn’t mind or even notice!


(click HA!)

Each visit ended with the evening show which in both cases was spectacular!  This last visit they had begun performing the show entitled “HA and I thought it was so excellently done, a sheer joy to witness and be enveloped by!  And then there’s the issue of the parking lot!  If you have not been there and have no idea which end of the lot will become the exit once the show is over, you can wind up spending a lot of time in that parking lot!  Luckily for us Dan knew which was which and after “HA” we were out in a flash! I think it is worth going to the Polynesian Cultural Center at least once and probably for the full-day experience.  Were it not for “HA” which I heard so much about, I most probably would not have gone back again… unless I have to chaperon my family again!

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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