My Heart Does Egg-Flips For Joy!


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I LOVE Eggs Benedict!  Whenever I go on a trip if Eggs Benedict is on the menu I will try it.  Admittedly this willingness to be experimental has resulted in a few disappointments but it has also often resulted in some meals of sheer bliss like the Eggs Benedict I had at the Coffee Shack on Big Island!  In October of 2007 I also discovered excellent Eggs Benedict on Kauai at a place called Eggbert’s.  The Eggs Benedict was so fantastic that I went back there four times during that two-week stay even though I had to drive some ways to get there!  After one wonderful brunch of Eggbert’s Eggs Benedict I was driving away and heard a conversation going on within myself “I feel so… so…  so…  What do I feel? I feel content. I feel blissful. I feel happy!”

As someone who counsels others over the years I have found that people quite often do not know what it is that they feel!  They don’t take the time to ask themselves about what they are feeling!  Feelings can be like an unknown language to us unless we take the time to study them.  Unexamined scary and frightening feelings can even take over the decision-making process and causing us to embrace things which numb those feelings that distress us.  Part of what I try to do in counseling is prompting the person to give words to whatever they are feeling because naming something begins some kind of understanding about it.


(click EGGS)

In Pico Iyer’s article The Joy Of Quiet” he makes the observation: “We have more and more ways to communicate, and less and less to say.”  I think this is true because we do not understand our feelings or what they indicate about our inner life.  Quite often we do not know what we think because we do not know what we feel.  Our spiritual life grows to the extent that we are willing to name our feelings, to examine them and even rename them!  Examining them gives birth to insights about the nuances of what we are feeling!  All of this can be scary like my Russian roulette approach to trying Eggs Benedict at any new restaurant!  Although I have had some disappointments in my menu experimentation, I have never found examining my feelings was without a benefit as soul-satisfying as a plate of good Eggs Benedict!

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