Self-fulfilling Prophecy



During our October 2010 trip I walked from the Ilikai Hotel to the Borders bookstore at Ward Center.  While walking there I noticed a homeless woman sitting on the grass against a wall.  Every time someone came too near to her she would rage, startling the person who would jump and quickly back away from her!  Once I finished in Borders I went to the park across the street and sat there to watch her.  Every time someone got too close she went into her routine.  I couldn’t figure out if she was crazy or cunning!



The human heart is tender and early on we learn to protect it by various behaviors: sarcasm, anger, aloofness, control.  Indulged-in often enough these behaviors can become habitual… and alienating.  Truly a self-fulfilling prophecy ensuring that we do not belong to anyone or anywhere, nor they to us.  Sometimes one winds up locked into a painful isolation with no understanding of how it came to be!  Sitting in the park on that stunningly beautiful day as I watched the homeless woman across the street, I thought “She’s lost the way back to her own heart!”  We need to be careful what habits we form because some of them can end up holding us hostage!

Kahu Kimo


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