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Around 15 years ago I sent Queen Elizabeth II two books as a gift.  In a note from one of her Ladies-in-Waiting: “I am commanded by The Queen to write and thank you for your letter and the two manuals, which Her Majesty is pleased to accept.”  For good or ill those who rule, reign or govern affect the lives of others, sometimes many others.  I have always been inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s example of faithfulness, something in short supply in today’s world.  She was born into a role that she neither sought nor asked for, yet for 60 years now she has been faithful to what has been asked of her.


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I have the same admiration for the Monarchs of Hawaiʻi who struggled to guide their nation through a sometimes tempestuous contact with the rest of the world.  That is why I so wanted to go to the Royal Mausoleum in Nu’uanu on our 2010 trip.  Much like the relics of saints, to somehow be near their bodies is to be in the presence of their mana, their grace.  I also react the same way to signatures, which is why I have gathered some over the years, such as…

  • 1995 Christmas card, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness, Philip, Duke of Edinburg
  • Christmas card, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Kent
  • 1985 Christmas card, Her Royal Highness, the Princess Alexandra
  • Addressed envelope with red seal, the 1st Lord Churchill
  • Note, the 1st Lord Churchill
  • Single signature, George, Duke of Cambridge, cousin of Queen Victoria
  • Single signature, Arthur, Duke of Connaught, 3rd son of Queen Victoria
  • Note, Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, one of the younger sons of King George III
  • Note, Princess of Bulgaria, sister of King Simeon
  • Letter of State: King Edward VII to King of Wurtemberg, mourning border, announcing death of George, Duke of Cambridge (Xeroxed copy now in Windsor Archives)
  • Private communication, Assistant Private Secretary to King George V, 20 days before coronation, mentioning Grand Duke Michael (Romanov) seeking audience in regard to the coming coronation (Xeroxed copy now in Windsor Archives)
  • Various personal items, Maurice Sendak, King of Children’s Literature, author and Illustrator of “Where The Wild Things Are”

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So as I stood there at the Royal Mausoleum looking through the gate at the tomb and reading the names on the crypts I wondered, “How can we repay the Kings and Queens of Hawaiʻi  for the faithfulness of their struggles?”  As I have grown in my love for Hawaiʻi I have come to an answer for myself: “By being faithful to my own struggles of Aloha, ʻOhana and Kuleana… those gems of the Hawaiian crown.”

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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