I Could Have Really Been Somebody!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEOn three of my trips to Hawaiʻi I have gone on the Makani Kai helicopter tour that goes over and around the whole island of Oʻahu.  To see the island from above is to see what is not visible from below, to see what one is blind to down where life is busy being lived! (click any pic for larger)

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIf one wishes to grow spiritually one’s vision must expand and deepen.  When we are young we tend to make choices based upon the gratification immediately in the offing.  When we are young consequences often play only a small part in our decision-making.  The problem with immediate gratification is that it is short-sighted and blinds us to the long-term consequences of our choices.  While choices based upon immediate gratification are a part of normal adolescent life, when exhibited in an adult the consequences tend to lead to shipwreck!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEBut adulthood is not a static state.  Even an adult can still grow up provided they admit that their choices are being governed by a degree of blindness.  The problem is that by the time we become adults too often we become comfortable with the short-sightedness of our mediocrity!   The thought of becoming anything other than what we are can be frightening and as a result we lock ourselves into a lifestyle of inner misery and short-sightedness.


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One of my favorite cartoons features two city trees whose roots are surrounded by a teeny-tiny fence.  One tree is saying to the other, “If it wasn’t for this tiny fence, I’d make a run for it!”  Excuses!  How often do we hear adults say, “If only… if only…”?  Our inner blindness will continue until the moment we become fed up with our own excuses and do something about our misery!  It is just far easier to see oneself as a victim than it is to take hold of the reins of one’s own life and accept responsibility for the direction of the journey!

Kahu Kimo


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3 Responses to I Could Have Really Been Somebody!

  1. Gently but succinctly put. Thank you for your post.

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