Making Sense of Myself

We are now in our 4-year election cycle during which time we are bombarded by commercials trying to convince us that we should vote for so-and-so.  Sometimes during these info arm-twisting sessions truth is spoken.  More often than not deliberate lies… or as some like to obfuscate, “mis-spoken” truths are fed to us relentlessly!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHow are we to make sense of all of this?  How are we to know what’s true and what’s not?  Too often we look to others to either tell us what to think or to confirm that it is alright for us to think as we do.  It is almost as if we cannot dare to believe what we think unless it is confirmed by others!  But the deeper problem is do we really know what we think?  How do we grow into a sense of ourselves?  Part of the process of coming to know our own mind on matters is learning to hear that small voice of “us” deep within.  So how to hear that voice?

Take time to go off by yourself.  Leave the radio off.  Ask yourself, “Do I agree with…?” whatever the issue is.   And then listen and feel for your internal reaction.  Is it a recoil or a small “no”?  That is what you think about the issue… at least on some level at that moment.  If your internal reaction is a sense of recognition, a small “yes” then that is what you think about the issue… at least at that moment(click pics for larger image)

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEWe can also grow to think differently as we live forward and that is alright as well.  At every opportunity try to turn to that small voice within in order to know what some deeper part of you feels and thinks.  This can be hard to do when in the midst of a cycle such as we are in, being constantly swamped by a tsunami of information!  But being “true to oneself” begins by learning to listen for and listen to that voice deep inside the self.  Authenticity comes out of trying to live in a faithful harmony to what that voice tells you about yourself, about others, about life.  And also about candidates!

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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