When Enough Is Not Enough

Upon landing in Honolulu in order to get to baggage claim you must walk through an open-air causeway to reach the main terminal.  On every trip I have made to Hawaiʻi the moment I enter that causeway and feel the Trade Winds on my skin and smell the flowers in the air I feel as if I am taking in a medicine essential for the healing of my soul!

Feelings can cause all sorts of confusion in our lives!  For example to have enough is to have food sufficient for living, to have a safe place in which to live and sleep and to be able to make the money needed for living in modern times.  It is a curious thing to run into people who have enough and yet feel that enough is not enough and there is something more they are missing.  When taken to an extreme such people live in a chronic state of unhappiness and feeling somehow being left out of life.

Too often we do or don’t do things according to how we feel.  The problem with making decisions based upon what we are feeling is we often don’t really know what we are feeling!  When enough is not enough quite often what we need is not obtaining yet one more object outside of ourselves!  It is the soul crying out to let us know that our heart is starving!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGESometimes we take the wrong medicine for what ails us!  We feel depressed so we withdraw from others… isolation only compounds our feeling of depression!  It seems counter-intuitive but at such times the medicine that we need is not to isolate ourselves but to reach out by finding ways of being of service to others.  Service can take our gaze off of ourselves and give our soul some relief from narcissism.

The fact is that we feel whatever it is that we feel.  Just because we feel does not mean we know either what we are feeling or why!  The medicine we reach for to soothe the not enough feelings needs to be chosen wisely.  We are made for relationships with others.  Sometimes that not enough feeling is actually our soul trying to let us know that we have more than enough of ourselves and that we need to reach out and start being of help to others!

Kahu Kimo


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