Breaking Down

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEAren’t there moments when we all wish that we were more rooted and when we weren’t made so confused by life’s tasks?  In today’s world with its confusing array of options many feel a lack of certainty and sense of direction which can even carry over when tackling our To-Do List!  Faced with a complex task which may take hours, whether cleaning out closets, re-arranging the house, or figuring out the budget we are sometimes paralyzed by indecision.  What to do first?

Here’s how I tackle complex tasks.  I look at the items on my T0-Do-List and pick only one.  Then I make a list of the various things within that task that need to be done, which breaks the overall project into segments.  Next I try to prioritize the segments.  Then regardless of whether or not the prioritizing is certain I CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEchoose one of the segments and simply begin by allowing only one hour of work.  When the timer goes off at the end of that hour I can choose to start another one-hour session on that segment or sometimes switch to a different segment on this project.  The final task is to assemble all of the segments into some kind of orderWhat originally seemed impossible to decipher and address gets done piece by piece and with patienceOne-hour sessions at a time are much easier to commit to!  At least it works for me and creates a little bit of certainty in a sea of confusion!

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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2 Responses to Breaking Down

  1. Fabulous way to making an imposing task, manageable. Thanks.

    • So many things that Life presents to us seem overwhelming. At the heart of it is that we don’t know where to begin about what comes next! Just begin, and the rest will slowly unfold before us. Hopefully we will be looking to see what it indicates. In this way we will make progress! Thank-you for continuing to follow this blog! I greatly appreciate your comments and feedback!
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

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