Being Left Behind

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGESpring here on the Mainland is afoot!  Buds are popping out… where yesterday there was just a twig today there is a bloom.  The grass here on the property is waking up from its winter dormancy and Tom will soon have to start his bi-weekly cutting of our two acres.  The early morning birds are aggressively singing their “come hither” songs to one another.  Life is clearly on the move again!  Life and living is about change! Are we willing to embrace change?

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGECurrent social conformity encourages ending conversations with “Love you”.  But do we really?  We say that we love someone but our behavior and the things that we do gives them another message and even drives them away.  There is often quite a discrepancy between how we think we are and how we are in fact!  Are we willing to do something about that discrepancy and change?  Not one of us comes in an ideal model and sometimes the other’s model drives us crazy even though we love them!  It is tempting for us to even detach fromʻOhana relationships rather than to deal with the changes in us that those relationships call for.  But Life and living is about change.  Anything that is living changes and evolves.  If it doesn’t evolve then it is dead.  Do we actually embrace change or are we only theoretically interested in changing?

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEThere is a Hawaiian saying “Ha’alele koa wa’a I koa kanaka”.  The translation given for this is “the koa canoe has departed, leaving the warriors behind.”  This is said when a canoe goes off and leaves them to find their way.  When Life demands that we change, do we cooperate or resist?  Do we say that we are trying to change even while trying our darnedest to resist changing?  It is all too possible that if we resist long enough the canoe will leave us behind no matter how we feel about that.  This Spring is Life leaving us behind?

Kahu Kimo

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