CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEOn a previous trip to Hawaiʻi Danny and his friend Alika thought that we might enjoy a show called Cirque Hawaii which was modeled upon Cirque du Soleil.  They were right! The music, the acts, the color, the humor… gave us much happiness that night!  In fact Mom so enjoyed it that when we returned to Hawaiʻi a year or two later she wanted to attend another performance and so we did.  The second was as good as the previous one.  So when we were making arrangements for Mom’s 85th birthday trip in 2010 she asked that we try to get tickets again.  Unfortunately the show had closed!  Fortunately Cirque du Soleil was giving a performance of Alegria during the time of our visit!  Having seen videos of various Cirque du Soleil shows the thought of finally attending a live performance had me as excited as a ten-year old, which is an apt reaction to a show whose name actually means “Jubilation!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHow many of us can say that we experience jubilation in our daily life… or at all?  For some the first day of the work-week is the worst day of the week and the last day of the work-week is the best!  Some lucky few are blessed to be employed in an area of work that interests them.  For most people however… not so much.  A lot of our fantasies about happiness arise out of the discontent we experience in our everyday living.  We don’t like the job, the hours are too long, the pay too little, etc.  People sit at desks or work on assembly lines dreaming about a future vacation filled with no worries, endless Mai Tai’s and no work.  Too often we place our happiness somewhere out there in the future, thereby setting ourselves up for unhappiness in our daily life.

When we view the day or the week negatively we blind ourselves to the small possibilities for happiness in that day and that week!  How much better our lives would be were we to view things through a Hawaiian lens.  This is not to say through rose-colored glasses but rather to view each day as an opportunity for happiness… right now!  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHawaiians have a unique ability to find within any event an excuse to celebrate, to dance, to sing, to feast together.  My point is that if we chase after a future happiness it will elude us.  If we stop chasing and start looking at each day as an opportunity for some happiness we will discover where happiness actually lives, right in front of us, each day presenting us with an opportunity for alegria: Jubilation!

Kahu Kimo


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2 Responses to Jubilation!

  1. Here’s what one of my readers, Brad, had to say about this post (he gets the FOLLOWERS email-version and couldn’t tell how to post a COMMENT so I did it for him):
    May ALL your days be circus days!!
    What a great tale of seeking happiness each and very day. What a great tale of circus “magic.”
    I fell in love with the Ringling Bros. when first I saw them at 12 years old…so much so that I applied for their Clown College right then. I was told to wait a few years as they usually preferred the clowns to be a bit older. When all of my high school friends were applying for “real” colleges I applied to Clown College again which resulted in 2 telephone interviews with the “Boss” Clown. Again I was told that it might be best if I gained a bit more life experience and independence. Hardly a year has passed in my adult life that I have not seen at least one circus, Ringling, Big Apple, Moscow, Cole Bros. I have yet to see Cirque live, but I do look forward!
    Thanks for the circus thoughts and memories!

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    “An opportunity for happiness…”

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