Finding Meaning

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEWhen economic times become tough people take jobs, any job, just to be able to pay the bills.  After awhile though they yearn for what many call “meaningful” employment.  What do we mean by the term “meaningful”?  By this term we refer to that which gives significance, that which gives purpose to what we do and how we live.  “Meaning” is the reason why we do what we do.

Where people find meaning in their lives can be varied.  For some it is found within the inner wrestling that produces artwork of many types.  For others meaning is found within hiking, traveling and journeying.  And for still others meaning is to be found within cooking, writing, building, journaling, collecting, singing, dancing, etc.  In other words  Meaning can be found everywhere and anywhere IF we look for it.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIf we are to find meaning in the meaningless then this requires that we change how we view what appears to be meaningless.  This requires an interior shift for the individual.  If times force us to take an uninteresting job just to pay the bills then make it interesting… change how we look at it and with what emotions we approach it.  Meaning is the inner significance of our days.  Meaning is not bestowed by others or by a type of work itself.  Meaning is found by the one who looks for it.  It is the looking for it that is the first level of meaning’s meaningfulness.

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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