Understanding Our Emptiness

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEAgain and again I am struck by the Hawaiian sense that one must live in harmony with nature, with others and with the Divine.  When such a value is inculcated in an entire culture it is taken in with mother’s milk and individuals become rooted in that value without even trying.  However I’ve found that non-Hawaiians have a harder time of it!  Living in a non-Hawaiian culture I am struck by how so many try to impose themselves upon life, and by the profound unhappiness and aloneness that such an approach brings!

The desire, the need to understand our emptiness, our aloneness, is the pilgrimage that all human beings are called to regardless of religious tradition or lack thereof.  We are made to understand.  To pursue understanding and prayer (being present to the One Who Transcends that loneliness) is the way in which we engage in that growth.  A prayer is simply a form of being-present and not dictating the terms of the relationship.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIn order to listen for the Divine in life around us we need to be silent, to stop speaking, to stop imposing ourselves upon the silence. When we stop thinking about what we’re going to say next we give ourselves a chance to hear what the Divine, the Other, is saying!

Whether we’re ready or not Life insists that we live in harmony with itself.  We need to stop making excuses for our excuses of not learning this truth, our need to wait until “the time is just right”, until we have the perfect tools, or when our life is not so busy!  Simply stop and be present!  Just stop, shut up and sit!  Like Hawaiians, presume that there is a reality outside the Self with which one needs to come into harmony.  And that reality will speak and tell what needs to come next!

Kahu Kimo


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