I Can Fly!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEI once heard of someone who desperately wanted to fly like birds do.  To fulfill his dream he bought a dozen goose-down pillows, ripped them open and filled a tub with feathers, stripped down and slathered his naked body with glue, got into the tub and rolled around until he was completely covered with feathers!  He then went outside, climbed onto the garage roof… and jumped.  The result was not flight but a broken arm… or as he saw it a broken wing!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHaving a dream can help our spirit to fly, and that is a good thing so long as that dream is somehow rooted in reality.  If that dream is opposed to reality then a lot of disappointment can occur.  I have read that there are young women who are on the hunt for Prince Harry, determined that he will marry them and elevate them to Princess status!  These women zealously follow the Prince’s published schedule so as to place themselves in front of him when he shows up.  Who knows maybe it will work but most certainly for no more than one of them!  I’m sure that each of them is certain she will be “the one.”  But what are the chances?  What is the good of a dream that stands no chance of fulfillment?  Such an approach would be like investing in disappointment!

So what is the difference between those dreams and mine of moving to Hawaiʻi in June of 2019?  My dream is not just a matter of wishing!  I am taking every possible financial step to enable this dream to become my future life!  My preparations are rooted in cooperating with what financial reality will require of me in 2019.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHaving my “journey2kona” dream unfolding daily definitely makes my soul soar even while I am still in Georgia!  All of this blogging is part of the preparatory checklist for my flight!  We may not like what reality demands of us but we ignore reality at our own peril much like jumping off of the garage roof and expecting to fly!  Reality demands what it demands and is not impressed by our discontent, our hurt feelings or our reluctance to comply.  If we want to fly reality requires that we first start on the ground and not from the roof, like it or not!

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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