So You Think I Can Be Saved?

What is the speed of the Earth through space?  It turns out that the calculation has to do with (1) the speed of our planet within our galaxy and (2) the speed of our galaxy through space.  So within our galaxy we are chugging along at 574,585 mph.  If we leave our galaxy we then need to add the speed of our galaxy’s velocity (1,339,200 mph) to it giving the Earth a total velocity through space of 1,913,785 mph!  And while the planet upon which we live is flying through space at this mind-boggling speed, we rush around in our desperate desire to get somewhere and to be someoneWhat, 1,913,785 mph isn’t fast enough?

Some Christians seem to be particularly preoccupied with being “saved.”  Ironically the entire discussion about this topic always seems to be about me and my salvation!  In the most fundamental sense being saved means living with God forever.  Not being saved has to do with the concept of Hell where there is a total absence of God, the Totally Other.  What they may not realize is it’s impossible to be saved without relationships with others in which we treat them as God has treated usWe are saved when we bridge the abyss between ourselves and others.  When we reach out to someone to help them we are actively involved in our salvation.  Salvation is not theological but ontological and rooted in everyday realities.   The only way to save ourselves is to give ourselves away to others.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIn a hurtling (not to mention “hurting”) world filled with so many things for sale, why do so many feel so empty?  The answer is because relationships, the very arena in which we exercise our salvation are not just another commodity and cannot be purchased.  Well, some can but I think you know what I mean.  Relationships enable us to give ourselves away and to “do unto others”.  To the extent that we refrain from doing so we are hurtling away from our salvation.

Kahuna-pule Kimo


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