Thank-You For My Very First Blogger Award!

This weekend involved my monthly long-distance trip from Savannah to the small Mission I’m nurturing in Helena, Georgia on Saturday, as well as our own Sunday service here in Rincon.  On such weekends it isn’t until late Sunday evening before I can continue posting here on Journey2Kona2019!  Imagine my surprise to discover that Arnel Gonce had nominated J2K2019 for the One Lovely Blog Award!


I came across Arnel’s blog All Things Boys in my quest to better understand the challenges faced by parents who have children on the autism spectrum.  Her lighthearted, carry-no-excess-baggage approach to Life, Family and Living Well resonates so much with me, and her photography posts are something I look forward to each week!  I think you will find something wonderful at All Things Boys as well !!  Because we all struggle to understand our lives I am especially happy to know that something I have written is of use to others.  Thank-you, Arnel !

The award has three simple rules:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to their site.

2) Write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know.

3) Nominate fifteen other deserving blogs.

Seven Things About Me (Yikes!)

1) I can cook well and have at times cooked for as many as 50 people at one sitting with anywhere from four to seven courses!

2) I’m a self-taught artist with a painting in the permanent collection of the Wiregrass Museum in Dothan, Alabama.

3) I’ve been a (Orthodox Christian) monk for approximately 40 years!

4) I’ve been told that I have an intuitive insight into people

5) Color is such a keen sense for me that I sometimes find myself thinking in color!

6) I once received a ten-minute phonecall from Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran!

7) Maurice Sendak, author of “Where The Wild Things Are” and several other childrens’ books, was a good friend of mine.  He recently passed on this year and I wrote two posts to commemorate his life (“In Memoriam: Maurice Sendak” and “The Day After”)

Nominations of Blogs You Might Enjoy!

1) Life isn’t so much a puzzle as it is a plan(this link usually takes a little bit to come up… slow connection to the Philippines, I think) Interesting and playful observations from a young guy in the Philippines… beautiful photography of exquisite beaches!

2) Emotional Chaos Builds Character??? – The incredibly thoughtful observations of a mother whose teenage son is growing up in spite of autism challenges.  Whimsical stories to brighten any day and realize that we’re not all experiencing the same things.

3) The Art of Ecarlatte Alexandre Straub – Survivor of the traumatic 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, this self-taught painter captures her memories of peaceful countryscapes with a penchant for vivid colors!

4) Live, Explore, Learn, Remember – A young couple hailing from South Africa who live in Korea and share stories of sightseeing and day-to-day adventures from young peoples’ viewpoint!

5) It’s a Wunderful Life – Ray and Jenny Wunder raising “high-functioning” autistic five-year-old twin boys who reveal the deeper meanings of Life to their parents one noisy day at a time!  Priceless stories!

6) Darrell Hill, Painter – A bold impressionist oil painter living in Hawaii whose art will liven up your life!

7) HawaiiTwins – Breaking away from a diagnosis! – A new blog from a Mother with twin boys, one with Down Syndrome… the challenges she face while searching for what her son needs to keep up in school and not get left behind.

8) J.Ricci Energy – Uplifting quotes and stunning images as food for thought.  Typically a daily post but taking a short summer break… worth bookmarking!

9) that cynking feeling – Documenting the curious days of a three-year-old autistic boy who sees thing differently… as told by his amazingly patient and observant Mom!  I learn things about myself by considering things his way!

10) Gerry Straub’s Blog – A successful film producer and director in California deeply ponders the essence and breadth of Christianity in today’s high-speed yet disorienting world.

11) Photo Nature Blog – Daily postings of Michigan’s beautiful outdoors and surprisingly colorful closeup shots of winged insects you never get to see unless you take a trip to the country!

12) Cast Light – Frequent posts to lift up your day, which always seem to arrive at just the right time!

13) Clare Flourish – An ever-evolving, visually intriguing and passionate exploration of female-identifying transgendered person living in a sometimes less-than-understanding world.  Stories and fine art to make you consider your own life.

14) Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches – Playful stories and photos about seashells, beaches and the beautiful outdoors which give you a moment to pause and relax from the busy day-to-day lives we live!

15) Canadian Hiking Photography – Tremendously beautiful photographs of well-planned hiking adventures… things you don’t ordinarily get to see!

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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8 Responses to Thank-You For My Very First Blogger Award!

  1. Jody says:

    Congratulations! And thank you so much for the lovely recognition. 🙂

  2. Well deserved, Kahuna-pule. And, Thank you. I am intrigued to consider your other nominations.

  3. sue cravey says:

    Congratulations Father, on your Blogger award. Great Job.

  4. Congratulations and thanks for the mention.

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