Ruining Our Inner Life

Sometimes things said by others can crush us such as “Were you born that ugly or have you worked at it?”“Thank God I’m not you!“Did your parents have any children who lived?  Such words wound the spirit.  But the wounding of one’s spirit comes not only from outside ourselves.  no communicationSometimes we do a good enough job all by ourselves at ruining our inner life.  How about the heart that refuses to forgive and silently poisons itself from within?  How about the negative attitude with which we approach people and Life which becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy?  How about our refusal to engage with Life and the subsequent prison of loneliness that we find ourselves in?

CAT HOARDER 4638189_f520We humans have the uncanny ability to undermine ourselves!  Take for instance the HoarderAt the heart of hoarding is the desire to not deal with anxiety.  As a result the hoarder gathers things to distract from what distresses them.  And then one day he or she awakens to the realization that they have become imprisoned!  All of which shows that an unexamined life can gradually become a tomb!

glass-half-empty11So what can we do to avoid such a fate?  One thing is to develop your curiosity… the desire to know.  Take a different route to work, try a meal never before eaten, put post-its up in the house which ask “WHAT IF?”  In short, develop the desire to discover what we don’t yet know!  The desire to not know” becomes a prison of our own making.  The degree to which we don’t want to know is the degree to which we will abuse those elements in Life meant to bring us legitimate comfort and happiness!

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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