Can You Hear Me Now?

Angela_Lansbury_(8356239174)For a time we Monks up on our mountain in upstate New York went through a “Murder She Wrote” TV series phase.  Many of us like the mystery genre and eagerly watched episodes in which Angela Lansbury solved various perplexing murders.  It amazed me that no one got nervous when she showed up at an event!  Everywhere she went a murder happened… didn’t that occur to anyone?  Mystery in real life can be quite another matter that disconcerts even mystery aficionados!  Part of the problem with mystery is that only It knows how all of the disparate pieces fit together and in which direction It will lead its participants!  In the past few months I have found myself wrestling with a mystery revealing new and unexpected outcomes for my future life in Hawaii!

In 2019 I will turn 70 and begin living from a monthly Social Security check allowing me to retire in Hawaii albeit poor by some standards!  I’ll no longer have enough for owning a car which in Kona is essential, so I might have to live in Hilo instead of Kona which has an established, affordable bus transit system.  The St. Juvenaly Mission church I know and love is located in Kona and not Hilo so I wrestled for an entire month with how it would impact the quality of my new life in Hawaii!  againgst-the-tide-breaking-habitual-patternsI know there are some St.Juvenaly members living on the Hilo side who don’t always attend the Liturgical services in Kona due to the 2-1/2 hour trip each way (see map) !!  One possible outcome I can imagine is to make myself available to any Orthodox members living on the Hilo side of Big Island for conducting the Divine Liturgy on Sundays probably in members’ homes.  Having finally made a step forward with this mystery then a great peace bloomed within me!

BigIslandKonaToHiloDriving(edit)St.Juvenaly LOGOAnd then quite unexpectedly I had a conversation with Fr. John, the Pastor of the Mission, who revealed they were in the process of trying to buy a house near Hilo to use as a church for the growing Mission membership who live too far from Kona.  I was stunned!!  Wailua Falls num2This unfolding Mystery is too much to be just a coincidence!  We briefly discussed what my involvement in all of this might be but at this point we need to wait to see how things develop.  Once resolution of the property purchase is effected then… well, who knows?  And who knows when?  By introducing myself to The Islands through these 246 posts Hawaii’s loud-and-clear response makes me grateful that Hawaii wants and needs me!  As these unexpected possible-futures have come to my awareness I realized how critical it is for me to extend the gift of my Life’s unique abilities not only to Kona but to Hilo as well!  Without a doubt the ‘Aina who hear my heart through these writings will help me over time to understand where I can best serve the people and the land!  The mystery just keeps deepening, twisting and turning much like that unpredictable ride in a Penske truck I took when I left the monastery in 2001!

To whichever Hawaiian future-home-for-me has the need, the willpower and the resources to pull me over there… Can You Hear Me Now?

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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2 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. JMDV says:

    Yea! This makes me smile and encourages me as I walk forward in my own mystery of this life of faith. Thank you!

    • And your response gives me tremendous encouragement! The post was out only 30 minutes and already, through your fingertips, the Spirit is responding! Amazing! Thank you!
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

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