What We Desire Takes Us Somewhere

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEI believe that creativity is a manifestation of the mind’s fertility and the ability to see what can be!  Creativity is not limited to paintings, sculpture, basket-weaving, pot-throwing and print-making.  It is basically a flexibility of the mind and a desire to see what’s next.  While flipping through television channels the other day I heard a character in a sitcom say to a woman, “I thought that he was supposed to be gay?!  Let me tell you, he was looking at you the way a fat man looks at fried food!”  What this remark brought to my mind was the reality that what we desire takes us somewhere, takes us in a certain direction.

For several years now my desire for Hawaii has been taking me toward Big Island on the Kona side close to the St.Juvenaly Mission. Recently I had the new idea of possibly retiring on the Hilo side of Big Island!  I think my creative desires are urging me to keep a very open mind about where my future home in Hawaii might turn out to be!  So, my latest delight is to go to Google Earth and go down to street level and walk around as if I was actually there!  I’ve already seen a spot that I intend on going to Hilo Mission under contract 13-05-03every so often in Hilo in order to be able to gaze out to sea!  The property that the St.Juvenaly Mission in Kona is purchasing for their growing Hilo-side community is in Honomu about 11 miles north of Hilo.  I have Google-Earth-walked the streets there as well!  I discovered that right down the road from the Mission’s future home are two Asian temples and a Roman Catholic church!  To my great happiness I can see that the tiny town is mostly plantation-style architecture which I love!

BIG ISLAND - 'HEALING ISLAND' copyWhat all of this brings to my mind is how much do we evaluate what we desire?  Do we ask ourselves if we really want to go in that direction?  And if so then how do we go about fueling that desire?  I have also found out Big Island is referred to as the “Healing Island.”   My experience of Big Island, aside from the massive earthquake in 2006 (see “Earthquakes”) is that my desire is like a calling for healing of everything in my life which has brought me to this very moment today!  Where are your desires taking you?

Kahu Kimo

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