Offering The Heart Is Risky

HelloKitty-pinkpokemon-logo-verticalAt the time of this blogging Charlotte Lee has a collection of 5,631 different rubber ducks, Jeff Lebo owns a collection of 82,000 different beer cans and Asako Kanda’s world’s largest Hello Kitty collection has amassed an incredible 4,519 items!  Lisa Cortney’s Pokemon collection is now up to 14,000 items and climbing!  Aside from whether or not this is normal the more essential question is: “Should we define ourselves by what we own?”

The human heart is made for relationship with others.  From the moment of our birth without the care of others we would not even survive!  This imprints on our mind and heart that which essentially sustains us!  A Hadith Qudsi (sayings of Muhammad) hadith qudsi 558-260-264quote says “If you walk toward Him, He comes to you running.”  It means that we are not only made for relationship with the Divine but also that the Divine is an active participant!  The Divine so desires connection with us that once any effort at relationship is made the Divine rushes toward our heart!  Unfortunately this is not always our experience in other relationships!  Ever wanted so badly to be in a relationship with someone that you try to rig a connection with them (A.K.A. stalking)?  Sometimes no matter what one does the other person resists every connection!

At the heart of relationship is Communion whether with the Divine or the human expression of the Divine.  Communion can neither be legislated nor coerced.  It is the free offering of the heart without terms or conditionsPrayer is one way we can reach out to the Divine and though it can be words in a book there is a big difference between saying prayers and praying!  Printed words facilitating Communion is a good starting place but at some point in relationships it is the heart that must be offered, not words.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEAnd offering the heart is risky!  Communion only occurs when both hearts rush toward one another.  I wonder if collections are a way of surrounding the heart so there is no risk of being wounded as can sometimes happen in a relationship?  The problem which arises when objects matter more than relationship is that they can become a prison in which one serves out a lonely life-sentence!

Kahu Kimo

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  1. I like this a lot… very well said, sir 🙂

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