To Live Fully Where We Are

lottery-tkt-smallerOne night I was watching an episode of “World’s Worst Tenants” where the investigator had been called to find out why the tenant had not paid rent.  No one would answer the door so the investigator used his key to open it and then followed the screams to find a morbidly obese man who had fallen in the shower and was wedged into place in the tub for four days!  Suddenly the light-bulb went on for me about my friend whom I hadn’t heard from him in weeks with phone calls and emails!   Taking his spare key I went to his place and let myself in, calling his name but no response.  I opened the bedroom door and he was staring at me from within his mountain of covers!  “Why didn’t you answer?”  He replied, “Why?  What’s the point?” and then I realized he was in the grip of a recurring depression.  What had triggered this episode was the Powerball Lottery ticket he purchased, spent days dreaming about how it would change his life and then had not won!  Just one losing ticket sent him reeling away from reality and into bed!

dangling-carrot-smallerHope is a “carrot dangling” before our heart!  The real question is whether or not our hope is reasonable!  The trick is to hope while still being fully planted in and engaged with the life which you currently have!  If the nature of our hope is an escape from reality then it won’t enrich your life but might unexpectedly send you diving for the bedsheets to hide under!  If we don’t know how to live fully where we are today then when we arrive where we hoped to be, well, it still might be a mystery to us how to live fully and well wherever that is!

What are my “Hilo hopes”… the things I dream of when and if I end up relocating to Honomu on Big Island?  aerial view of Honomu smallerI hope to be of use to the Orthodox Christian community of Believers in the entire Hilo area.  I hope to be an encouragement and guide to them as they start this new beginning of their life in their own property and forming a genuinely spiritually-bonded community.  I hope for mangoes and apple-bananas grown right on the neighborhood trees instead of arriving from Nicaragua!  I hope for a tucked-away spot by the sea with shade overhead so I can relax, reflect, rejuvenate and generate more dreams!  I hope for shopping at the Farmer’s Market on weekends and sampling foods new to my white-bread palate from Mainland!  I hope to be able to hop over to Waikiki and see my brother Dan every so often.  And most of all I hope for on-the-spot hula and fresh tuberose leis every day of my new life in Paradise!!!

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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4 Responses to To Live Fully Where We Are

  1. Awesome post. I hope for mango and banana trees up here as well…….might be a little unrealistic for me. I also don’t think it was coincidental that you got the urge to visit your friend. Awesome example of service and listening to your ‘intuition’ to help others. Thx for the example

    • You’re most welcome, and I’m glad I’m not the only one
      on Mainland yearning for the tastes of the tropics! I
      think I dream of mangoes! As you mention, intuition
      can be an amazingly powerful resource for helping!
      I’m SO glad you liked this post!
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

  2. Pray as if you had already received it… 🙂

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