Getting Used To Lying

While watching a show about anorexia, bulimia and overeating the observation was made while these might seem all about food Eating-Disorder-bulimia-anorexia-binge-eating-SMALLERin actuality food is just the way the individual’s inner issue manifests itself.  For example an anorexic stated, “I’m not what my parents wanted.  I’m just me.”  What a terrible insight it must have been when this young girl realized she was not what her parents ordered!  Out of our inner issues we can try to cope by growing into a lifestyle ultimately keeping us from the happiness we so desperately seek and leaving us feeling even more worthless and empty!

IM-LYINGsmallerSometimes we lie to others in order to make them love us the way we think they would find us acceptable and be willing to love us!  Perhaps we do this because we feel who we are on the inside is unlovable and so we present ourselves in a gift-wrap of lies!  However by getting used to lying it begins to seem normal with the unreal becoming real for us!  Since the Divine is the most real Reality there is then living in unreality keeps us at a distance from the source of happiness we seek!

Mana-MagsmSMALLERIn Hawaii one often runs into the concept of “Mana”, the idea that people, places and objects bear within themselves evidence of the Divine somewhat as vessels of the Uncontainable.  While this concept posits mana is inherited and passed on, I suspect it’s also possible to increase one’s mana through right living and good deeds!  If I am right then I also suspect this can only occur through living in a way which puts us in harmony with the Divine.  If this is so then living a life of lies has consequences far more serious than we might think at first!

reaching up for God smallerAddiction has no mercy and shows no mercy whether it be an addiction to anorexia, bulimia, over-eating or lies.  The longer we indulge in living a lie the more entangled we become in its addictive web.  The more lost that we become in our unreality the fewer chances we have of growing in mana, in holiness and growing into happiness.  The good news is that change is always possible while we are here on Earth!  All we need to do is reach out to the Divine indicating that we are ready to grow!

Kahu Kimo


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3 Responses to Getting Used To Lying

  1. One interpretation of “be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect” is “be perfectly yourself”.

    • Perfection is possible only for God.
      We are not called to be “perfect”
      (which is an English translation of another word)
      but to grow in Goodness, becoming more and more like God.
      When we die God does not look at his tally sheet to see
      if we have arrived at the gates “perfect”; he looks to see if we struggled
      each day to become more like him.
      That struggle is the proof of our actual love of him!
      I think your interpretation is exactly (need I say perfectly) on target, Clare!
      I always appreciate the thought you put into your precious comments!
      Kahuna-pule Kimo

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    “…to make them love us…”

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