Speak Lord, I Am Listening

mystery question smallerLife often presents us with situations to which no definite answer is readily apparent.  Despite the lack of certainty Life also demands that we make a choice or decision.  At such moments many of us ask the Divine for some kind of sign as to what we should do or what choice we should make.  Throughout my nearly 40 years of being a monk I have learned that the Divine is always speaking although quite often it is more like a whisper which requires that I listen and focus all the attention that I am able to muster!

A definition of Mystery is given as, “Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.”  At the heart of mystery is a certain degree of being unsure Because of mystery’s unknowability there is a certain degree of risk when engaging with it!  St.Juvenaly LOGOFor those who have been following these blogs it comes as no surprise that I love Hawaii, it’s culture and its people.  I am hoping to move to the Big Island sometime in the future to be of use to the St. Juvenaly Mission there (my destination for June 2019 hence the name of this blog: Journey2Kona2019).  Recently the mystery in this has been me wondering if my desire to serve the Mission on the Big Island is simply my desire and not really part of the Divine’s plans for me or for the Mission!  I try not to treat the Divine as some kind of cosmic shopkeeper from whom I wish to obtain things and as a result I never ask the Divine for a sign but I often pray,   “Speak Lord, I am listening.”

FAMILY TREE templateTwo nights ago the Divine whispered something to me and I am still reeling from it!  Around 20 years ago one of my married brothers had a daughter who is now away at college.  Her Great-Grandmother just passed away and she posted something to that effect on FacebookI was astonished to see one of the comments was from the Priest of the Orthodox Mission in Kona!!  I contacted him asking how he knew her and told him that she is my nieceHere’s the whopper: her Mother’s step-Dad is also this Priest’s Aunt’s Brother!  This means that the Priest of the Big Island Mission and I are closely related by marriage… a fact that neither of us knew until two nights ago !!!

God-as-mystery smallerIt is now crystal clear to me that out of all the people in the world the Divine has brought together the two of us to work on the common task of nurturing the young Orthodox Community on the Big Island!  Of that I no longer have any doubts!!  What about you?  Are you listening for the Divine’s responses to your prayers? Do you sometimes hear those same whispers?  Now if I could only find out the Divine’s time schedule for my move there so I know when to start giving away possessions I’m leaving behind!  “Speak Lord, I am listening.”

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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