The Seed Of A Dream

Back in 1989 a friend made a request of me that somewhat reactivated my desire to create art.  Having re-awoken I began to do this artistic thing and that thing, just following one impulse and desire after another, curious to see where it would go.  After around a year I had generated a good deal of artwork which I showed to a monastery guest who is a professional artistDiamond Head - Collage Series 2012smallerShe mentioned it to a friend of hers who owned a gallery in nearby Vermont.  Her gallery was an old converted horse-barn with each of the refurbished stalls now serving as a good-sized showing room for each of five artists at a time.  During the Summer and the Fall she brought in five new artists each month, thus showcasing the work of twenty-five artists each year!  She called me to see my work which ultimately was shown in one of those rooms for a month!  Twenty-one pieces nearly totaling a princely sum of $5000 sold (the most ever sold in a single show!).

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGETo say that I was amazed falls far too short of what I felt!  I felt excited by new possibilities about myself that were occurring to me.  I never thought I possessed the ability to produce professional artwork but that show opened my eyes and unleashed my artistic heart!  The seed of a dream was planted in my mind and I told myself that somewhere down the road I wanted to do all of the illustrations in a single book, wanted to have published artwork and wanted to have a painting in a Museum!  It would take too long to relate all the twists and turns taken over the years but each of those pieces of my dream eventually did come true!

So how does one grow a dream?  I suppose it’s possible to know the totality of one’s dream from the beginning but such was not my case!  I simply started with one illustration, liked the result, did another and continued on.  In a sense once the Dream is started it slowly dictates itself and then the Dreamer follows along finding and looking for ways to feed the Dream further.  The key is to START!  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEDo something you like to do regardless of how refined your efforts are since what we do usually gets better the more we do it.  Ask yourself, “How could I now do the same thing but differently?  Be willing to take a chance and try it!  There is no success or failure since it is the willingness to try that generates and refines the Dream!  You start with something… just some little thing… but you must START!  Then as you travel along with this dream it morphs and you continually make adjustments.  Fifty years later you look back and realize you could never have planned it out as it has evolved!  The key point is all that time spent engaging and traveling with your dream is what makes it yours!  Will you START something NOW, today?

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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