No Telling What Will Happen

titanic-hubris Hubris is the unquestioning presumption that one is right.  When hubris has a hold on the heart we fail to understand just because we have good motives does not mean we can then do absolutely anything in the service of those motives!  Despite good intentions hubris was a motivating factor for the early missionaries to Hawaii who were confident they knew what was best for the native Hawaiians!  Hubris was at work when businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy so sure they too knew what was best for the native Hawaiians!  A mark of hubris is that it is more interested in getting its own way than in actually serving others!

My possible future-move to Honomu is about serving the Orthodox community there by providing the liturgical services and sacraments as well as giving spiritual guidance and counsel.  At the same time I would get to live in HAWAII… a dream come true !!!  However everything is still just in the idea-stage and no decisions have been made at this time by any of the interested parties!  Honomu is a tiny plantation-style town on the eastern coast of Hawaii Island which is commonly called Big IslandHonomu downtownThere is Ed’s bakery, Lisa’s Pizza, a small computer store, an Antiques store, the Puka Gallery, a Sarong Store, a gallery selling fine art and koa furniture (I’m heading there first thing!) and a store with the enigmatic name of “Same Same But Different.”  There are a few other small stores as well as a large wooden Theater which looks to be boarded up.  A small town with wild green surroundings suits me just fine!


Were hubris at work in my move to Honomu I would go equipped with a five-year plan that could put Russian and Chinese communism to shame!  I am going with no agenda other than to serve them as they reveal their needs.  Strangely I am not at all bothered by the lack of specifics in this plan!  Actually the open-endedness and possibilities of this excites me!  There is no telling what will happen… and that also suits me just fine!

Kahuna-pule Kimo

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