Nothing To Do With Fairness

teen-driving-challenge smallerA few months ago a teenager in our area and three of his high-school friends went out for a night of drinking.  Being young, drunk and feeling invincible they thought “rules” had nothing to do with them.  They were speeding along a dark country road when the driver lost control on a hairpin curve, crashed into a tree and the three passengers were killed.  The driver was seriously injured but survived and was slapped with three charges of manslaughter!  Photos of this kid in the hospital show him completely bewildered not only by where he was but also to the charge he murdered his three friends!

We choose something and what flows from that choice are direct results.  I have recently been watching a TV series entitled “Locked Up Abroad” which portrays bad choices made while in another country and the resultant consequenceslocked up abroad smallerOne episode focused on a young American girl who was hooked on cocaine and thought it would be a nice idea to go to Columbia where it’s readily available.  She intended to smuggle a goodly amount of cocaine out of Columbia on her person, bring it home and wind up with a stash of the drug for personal use as well as a product to sell for income!  Of course she was caught as she went to board the plane for home and received a sentence of ten years to serve in one of Columbia’s barbaric prisons.  The camera shows her wailing over and over, “This isn’t fair!  This isn’t fair!!!”

The choices that we make not only have to do with money, drugs, alcohol or driving but also with the direction our life will take from the moment we have made it!  This has nothing to do with fairness but with the fact that ALL our choices take us somewhere, sometimes depositing us where we’d rather not be!  LIFE-IS-NOT-FAIRA person who suffers a terrible tragedy either inflicted by Life or one misguidedly chosen often can’t see beyond the immediacy of the blinding pain.  They feel lost to themselves in an experience which seems to have wiped away all of the familiar landmarks of their life.  At such a moment we awaken to the seriousness of our choices.  Fair or not when we reach a certain stage in Life others become unable to rescue us from our choices!  It’s not a matter of “fairness.”  That’s just the way it is!  Of course there is an upside to this… but that’s for another post!

Kahu Kimo

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    ALL our choices take us somewhere

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