We Were Meant To Soar!

When things were going spectacularly wrong in many ancient cultures a victim, either animal or human, would be selected and through a ritual practice would be invested with blame for all of the trouble. The victim would be either sacrificed or driven away to wander aimlessly in the wilderness, the idea being that the victim took the guilt of the community away with him.  In some cultures it was believed that the first being to touch the victim would have the evil transferred to it.  In ancient Israel a goat would be chosen for this purpose and driven into the wilderness; thus the term “scapegoat”.  Being modern people this practice sounds to us like a primitive and outdated practice.  And yet if we look closely enough at relationships we can see that scapegoating is alive and well.

“Z” senses things about his heart’s desires which he wishes he didn’t and therefore runs away from any close self-examination by focusing on the faults of others; like an avenging angel he mercilessly points out where people are wrong, all under the guise of “setting the truth of the record straight”.  “A” counters any criticism of her actions with “Oh yeah, well you do it too!”  Finger-pointing is a self-deflecting sport which prevents us from being self-reflective lest we come face-to-face with the more disappointing aspects of our inner life.

For some mistaken reason we seem to think that if we are not perfect and blameless then we have no value.  Only the Divine is perfect; we will never be and cannot be perfect.  That does not mean that our humanity is without value.  Our lives are about growth… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  That growth requires that the day come when our heart stops muttering “I’m not so bad as others” and accepts that it is not yet as good as it needs to be.  That acceptance then gives a direction for growth.

We are meant to arise out of the earth and, by becoming more and more good like the Divine, to ultimately fly into the heavens.  This can only occur when we see, accept, and do something about that which keeps us hobbled.  Do you know or sense what is weighing you down?  Instead of crawling around like mindless and unreflective animals, let us learn how to stand, to walk, to run, and with the grace and example of the Divine… to soar as we were meant!

Kahu Kimo

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