Menlo Park

The WordPress site where we publish these posts provides me with a way to see how many blog readings there have been over the past 24 hours.  I am often astounded to see the far-flung places in which people are reading… Berlin, Madagascar, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Sao Paolo, Japan, Hawaii, the Mainland U.S.  And then there’s Menlo Park, California.  Over the course of the past year I have noticed that someone, or someones, in Menlo Park reads at least one of my blogs each day!  Given that we have published slightly over 300 of them, and that we are now publishing two new ones a week, Menlo Park should be able to keep reading for quite a while!  But I find myself wondering: What is it that they are seeking by reading these posts?  Have any of the posts helped them in living out the mystery of their journey?

It is hard to know where our journey is going to end up while we are on it.  As we go along there can be confusion as well as mystery and therefore we reach out along the way to find clues, to get help, to get a sense of direction for the journey.  One of the issues that I get asked about again and again in my counseling concerns happiness: What is it, how to have it, and when will it come?  One of the things that I have discovered in my own journey is that happiness is not waiting somewhere out in the future; it is right here, right now… if I will reach out for it!  Happiness is rooted in “acceptance”, in learning to use what we have right in front of us.  It cannot be found in moaning over either what we have lost or where we have not yet arrived.  Happiness is found in an acceptance of the present and if we don’t know how to be happy today, right where we are, then we won’t know how to be happy when we arrive at tomorrow.

204225 Kalakaua cryptOn my last trip to Hawaii in 2013 Uncle Bill Maioho, the Kahu Iwi of Mauna Ala, allowed me to come before the grounds had opened to the public and conduct a memorial service at each of the tombs for the departed Kings, Queens and High Ali’i of Hawaii.  As my love for Hawaii has grown and deepened, so too has my respect and gratitude for those interred at the Mauna.  The final stop that morning found me kneeling within the Kalakaua crypt, staring up at Queen Lili’okalani’s tomb.  I was suffused with such a profound sense of happiness, gratitude, and respect that no further words would come; so I just knelt there, staring at her tomb, not desiring to be anywhere else.  It felt like I had come home… and what could be happier than that?!

I wonder if my posts are helping my fellow Menlo Park pilgrim?  Are they helping him/her/them to find some happiness?  Every so often, either on WordPress or Facebook, someone responds to a blog and lets me know what that particular post meant to them.  Given that Menlo Park has read so many of them… I would be especially grateful to hear what these words have done, and are doing, for them.  Mahalo.

Kahu Kimo

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    learning to use what we have right in front of us

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