St. Kim of Arc

I need to vent.  This Kim Davis controversy has me really agitated.  Kim Davis is the Kentucky County Clerk who has said that her conscience will not permit her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and because of that… and in order to not discriminate… has stopped issuing marriage licenses to anyone… gay, straight or plaid!  Having been ordered by the courts to do her job and issue licenses, for which duty she is being paid by the government, 20507273243_248188d681_zshe has chosen to go to jail rather than to “compromise her conscience” by complying.  Those of a conservative and religiously evangelical bent have proclaimed her a modern-day Joan of Arc and are protesting on her behalf, portraying the government as her evil and godless persecutor, thereby turning this situation into a simplistic battle between good and evil.  When asked if she will resign her office as the County Clerk she has said that she will stay on… even while refusing to fulfill the duties of her office, which is to issue marriage licenses.

I respect her making decisions according to her conscience.  And yet, it is interesting to observe how such a highly refined conscience can seem to be blind to the immorality of taking money for a job that she refuses to either do or resign from.  As an agent of the government her job is to enforce and apply its laws.  Clearly, she and others disagree with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling which now legally requires that all States allow same-sex marriages; fine, I have no problem with their right to disagree.  At the same time I am aghast at how some people are making such a cause celebre out of her going to jail, stating that she is being jailed for following her conscience.  That is simply not the case: She has been jailed for failing to do the job for which she was hired and for which she is still taking money.  In any other situation this is called embezzlement!

What if, four years ago when… after four husbands… she “got religion” and heard God tell her to become Muslim?  Picture the 6 o’clock evening news showing her encased, head to toe with only a slot out of which to see, in a black abaya, stating to someone on the other side of the counter who is applying for a marriage license: “I’m sorry but you are an infidel and God tells me that I cannot deal with you.”  Those who are currently holding her up as the patron saint of conscientious objectors would be screaming that she be fired.  And why?  They would be screaming that she is taking money for a job that she refuses to do… which is true of course, but which would simply be a cover-up for not stating outright that they do not want to be governed by Islam’s Sharia law.

If Kim Davis’ tender conscience will not allow her to do the job for which she was hired… she needs to quit that job.   In the event that she continues to refuse to quit, she needs to be legally removed from her office as County Clerk.  Tirade now concluded!

Kahu Kimo

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