School’s Out!

Benjamin Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.  Most kids dream of the day that they can graduate from school… grade school, high school, college… graduate school… so that they can be done with learning.  To choose to learn nothing further is to choose, as Franklin said, “… to remain stupid.”  There are many in the world who have not had the chance to attend a school, and yet who… through the living of their life… have become wise.  How does that happen?

By exposing us to much that we don’t know about, one of the things that schools are supposed to foster in us is the desire to know more… about topics and subjects, but more importantly about Life.  Life itself is a school from which there is never a summer vacation, and those elders among us who have become wise have learned that real wealth is found in always wanting to know more, especially about how our mind works and how our heart influences our choices.  Unfortunately, one of those choices can be to not become friends with our own heart, to remain unschooled about its workings.  Out of such an approach flows the chaos of our life and no answer to the question,           “Why does this keep happening to me?!”

Jake always called instead of emailing.  His friends all thought that was nice; the human touch of the voice.  If they only knew that the real reason was that he had become so paranoid by this time that he didn’t want anything he had to say to be in writing because… as he saw it… things in writing had a way of being brought up at a trial.  He had always been somewhat negative, always able to see the worst in anything, or anyone, but now, having lived for so many years searching for the presence of the negative, the negative had become all that he saw, no matter the blessing that it might be wrapped in.  So when Tracey called and invited him over he naturally wondered what she really wanted; he went anyway.  When he walked in … “SURPRISE !!!”… he walked into his own birthday party!  And he wondered, “Why didn’t I see it coming?”   Really?!

Indulging in negativity is like pissing in your own well: after awhile, when the water tastes funny, you have no one to blame but yourself!  The obliviousness of ignorance, like heroin, can be addictive!  If we pursue ignorance long enough… our well will be dry!

Kahu Kimo

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