The Calling


I have been a monk for nearly forty-five years now.  Why did I become a monk?  The real answer is that I don’t know why!  All I do know is that I heard a “calling from within monasticism” and I knew that I had to respond to it.   I had to respond, knowing I had no idea what that response would mean for the course of my life!


Hawaiʻi in 2004 for me was that same experience!  Some of my family were going to Waikīkī and arranged for me to come at no cost to myself.  Strangely,        I had no desire to go!  We landed at Honolulu airport and crossing over to the baggage area through the open walkway, I was sensually assaulted: the Trades were gently blowing, the intoxicating scent of flowers carried in the breeze! It was…

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