When We Applaud

From Betsy’s diary: “We were at the same party when, passing by Geordie talking with a cluster of people, I thought I heard him say that his family was one of the minor branches of the Danish Royal family.  What?!  Later, I took him aside and said, ‘Did you say that your family is part of the Danish Royal family?’  Replying, ‘I never said that,’ he looked at me as if I was insane, and moved back into the party.  I was left completely puzzled as to what he might have said that I could have so construed the way that I did.  At another time he was with a group of us when we started discussing Paulie, at which point Geordie started ranting and raving, ending with ‘I’d like to run him over!’  The intensity of his statement stunned us into silence!  Later, I said to him, ‘I had no idea that you disliked Paulie so much.’  Geordie replied, ‘I don’t.’  I blurted out, ‘But you said that you wanted to run him over!’  Geordie said, ‘No I didn’t.’  From that point on I began to notice the pattern: Geordie would say something to people, and later say that he never said it and that others must have misheard or misunderstood what he had said.  People of good will were left confused and assuming that they had misunderstood him, while others of us knew what we had heard and couldn’t convince ourselves otherwise.  So the effect of Geordie on our group was that we fractured into two camps: Those who believed whatever he said that he had said, and those who eventually understood that Geordie manipulated people.  As for me, I wondered: Is he delusional, or evil?  The day that I read on Facebook ‘A mistake that keeps being repeated is not a mistake… it’s a choice’… I knew that he was evil.             And I knew, then, that I had to kill him.”

Conclusions: We all come to them.  And often, we assume the conclusion is correct because we came to it.  Did Betsy kill Geordie?  We don’t know because we can’t find him.  How do we know about Betsy’s diary?  Because she mailed it to me before disappearing herself.  But I do understand her conclusion that he is evil.  He deliberately sowed confusion among people and taught them to not trust what their ears heard, what their eyes saw, and what their gut told them.  He taught them that a lie is not a lie, but that it is an “alternative truth.”  Why he did this I haven’t a clue, but that this was deliberate I haven’t a doubt.  And it is the deliberateness of this approach that reveals its evilness to me.  It is the moral equivalent of inserting razor blades into trick-or-treat apples.

I have no idea whether or not Betsy caught up with Geordie, but I do know that she is the avenging angel that he created through his duplicity.  For all those who deliberately and repeatedly lie to others… be aware that your lies have hurt us, and because of that we are waiting for your lies to cause your eventual downfall.  But please don’t feel hurt when we applaud; you created what you had coming to you.

Kahu Kimo

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2 Responses to When We Applaud

  1. Darryl Vernon says:




    • Thank-you, Darryl!! The two parishes and a distant monastery
      under my care keep me MUCH busier than I would like to be….
      but in 2 years THAT will be released and exchanged for my
      dream come true… living in Hilo, Hawaii in early 2019!!!
      Kahu Kimo

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