Blind to the Patterns


With some variations we have all witnessed the following.  angerWe open the desk drawer easily but when we go to close it the drawer won’t go all the way back in.  We pull the drawer back out and push it again and it still won’t go in all the way.  Out, in, out, in, all to no avail until anger overcomes us and we yank the drawer out and then slam it back into place!  Either something inside the drawer loudly snaps and leaving us wondering what we just broke or the drawer will refuse to ever open again!  As Dr. Phil would say, “So how’s that working out for you?”  How many times must our freedom be overcome by our emotions until we wake up?

In line with this the Sufi mystic Rumi asks, “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” …

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2 Responses to Blind to the Patterns

  1. Darryl Vernon says:

    Ft. James,

    The whole article is brilliant, my friend.

    Bro. Darryl

    “Lord, Help me to remember that all things that will happen now and in all presences, You and I–together–Can Handle!”

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