Because It Is Not Easy!


Children love to stand out so long as it is on their own terms with temper tantrums, or the child who makes himself the center of attention when there are guests, or the baby who toddles out of the house stark nakedRincon num20096smallerDespite this desire to be the star of their own show at other times they can often be reluctant to being singled out.  It is not only children who want life on their own terms!  Think of the adult indulging in road rage, screaming at a cashier or stomping their way out of a store due to some imagined offense on the part of a clerk!  We live in a culture that both extols achievement and yet provides an environment of ease and convenience… think fast food, drive-through pharmacies and dry-cleaning establishments!  I’ve even heard of a drive-through wedding chapel, drive-through divorces and to…

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