Everything But Ourselves



CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEWhenever I have been in Hawaiʻi I have been astounded to see monumental-scaled outdoor plants like palms and monstera that I have only ever known as potted houseplants!  Hawaiʻi is like a greenhouse that has escaped all pots, all bounds, all inhibitions!  It is amazing what is there to be seen in Hawaiʻi if only one pays attention.  I wonder how many tourists really notice Hawaiʻi beyond the fake lūʻau‘s, the guided tours and the myriad stalls of identical geegaws?

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEWe live in a culture which works hard to distract us with television and radio advertisements that scream at you! Elevator music won’t allow you to be with your thoughts when the doors close!  Billboards.  And it’s all very successful!  I know someone who can’t stand to be alone with herself, with her thoughts, with her deepest feelings.  She creates all sorts of distractions so that she won’t…

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