Lost in an Out-of-Control Buffet



Stalin smallerEvil.  When we free-associate with that word then certain names easily come to mind: Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin and others. While taking others’ lives is blatantly evil, wickedness can also come in other more subtle forms!  For example, how about hackers?  Why except to be wicked would someone release viruses on the internet that destroy hard-drives?  Why except to be villainous would someone break into accounts of others and rob them of their money, their credit rating and their sense of security?  We are all tempted to think that we are not wicked because WE don’t hack into people’s accounts, or rape, or shoplift.

film-finger-pointing-timeBut what about the small ways in which we indulge in wickedness?  What about the thrill we get in repeating a rumor that slanders someone?  What about the times when we say we’ll keep an appointment

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