Can Never Go Home Again

“A fear of being an exile…”


CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEI read on Hawaiʻi News Now online where a man ran down Waikui Street, punched a man in the face and stole his Toyota Camry!  Reading that I was so shocked that I felt as if the man had punched me!  I realize that crime exists everywhere in the world.  But when I read about it in Hawaiʻi the committing of crimes against others strikes me as especially egregious in a culture grounded in the values of Respect, ʻOhana and Aloha.  Crime anywhere is beneath human dignity but in Hawaiʻi especially to not care about others is a deformity of the soul, a cancer in the heart.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEWhat degree of alienation must have occurred in order for a Hawaiian to not care about others?  I would imagine that for a Hawaiian this must be a feeling akin to never being able to return home, a feeling…

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