Being Invaded

Respect, Kuleana, Relationships…


CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEIn 2004 on my first flight to Hawaiʻi as we approached the islands US Department of Agriculture Declaration Cards were given out for all passengers to fill in.  When I saw the list of plants and animals forbidden to be brought into the Islands I became aware of how seriously Hawaiʻi takes the threat of invasive plants, bugs, animals and even bacterial cultures!  Invasive species move in and kill off or drive out the local populations… somewhat as did the early American business interests which drove out the Monarchy.  Living on the Mainland plants and animals just go where they can because they can!  The difference between the Mainland and the Islands is that on the Mainland these species have an entire continent to conquer whereas each island in Hawaiʻi would simply seem like a small backyard!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEKudzu is known as “The Vine That Ate The South!” …

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