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“The problem is the hurting heart that…”


On our October 2010 trip to Waikīkī, as Mom and I drove to the Savannah Airport my little Toyota Echo was packed to bulging with luggage: my 3 suitcases and briefcase with laptop, Mom’s 3 suitcases, her carry-on and her large purse.  The real fun began when we parked in the garage at the airport and it dawned on me that I was going to have to struggle with all of that luggage by myself!  I piled bag upon bag, the carry-on over one shoulder, my briefcase on the other arm.  I’d get ten feet and the wheels on one of the suitcases would wobble the wrong way and suitcases would go scattering.  By the time we got to the Delta counter I had a stress migraine trying to bloom!

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEOnce we landed in Hawaiʻi Dan met us in the baggage area, my double-tuberose lei in hand as well…

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